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Kimies Kisses

Kimie is this wonderful amazing person, that I have known since my freshmen year of high school. And I love her so much, whether it be as my friend or the girlfriend that I can't have. I still care about her. Anyways, Kimie likes me or something, I don't know what it is. However, she has a girlfriend, and she claims that she loves her girlfriend. They have been together for around 8months I think.

Another thing that I should add is Kimie is sick. She is Aplastic anemic, which kinda means, or really means, that she is dying. She is doing well now, or putting up a really good front. The girl I work with gretch said that that might be why she won't go out with me or get to close, because she is sick and she could die. And when I asked Kimie she confirmed it.

So to get into the whole little story. I started talking to Kimie more and seeing her more often this year, because they allow her to come into school for part of the day. So I was seeing her more often and talking with her, and she flirted with me and I flirted with her. But I mean that I was it, I refused to make a move because she had a girlfriend. And one day she told me she wanted to kiss me, this was online. So I was a little shocked by that, but it didn't happen right away because she went away on like a short trip. When she came back I was happy to see her and I talked to her more, and one morning I meet her during homeroom, down near the choir room hallway. Thats when it happened, she kissed me. Twice. And then I would meet with her before her bus picked her up to take her home and I would get kisses then. So I would get at least two kisses a day. Well she then made the choice to go with her girlfriend, so we stopped kissing for a while. It seemed like so long. And then today... she kissed me. I don't know what to make of it, it just confuses me more. Because I do like her but I like the guy I'm going to prom with as well. I missed not getting kisses from her, and one day I will give her a kiss instead of her being the one to give me a kiss. I gave her a kiss once but it was just on the cheek, that was nothing really. But one day maybe I will work up the nerve to kiss her, more than just the cheek. Thats if I work out things in my head. Or if she does.
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