Katie (whorenumber2) wrote in venusenvious,


Here are a couple of poems I wrote that have "lesbian" driven meanings.

Do you think its fair
That you push me in the direction I wasnt going
I wasn't going to take that road...
I think its clear,
What's right for you may not be right for me
I'd like to think you noticed
I think it's a little unreasonable
for you to choose who I can or cannot marry
Wether I want to marry,
I want to know
It's up to me
I see the way
You try to set the lines we're not to cross
Censor out the violence and the porn
What you think in your head when your alone in bed
Are you ashamed?
Your dreaming all the waste you try to hide
Your wishing you were outside the lines
I'd like to think
It's up to me
Try to tell me my loves illegal
Your words are like the dirt under my nails
Try to tell me my thoughts are satanic
Well if thats true, I am the devil.
Worship me.
Look me in the eyes and tell me I'm a sinner
I'll grab your waste and show you how sweet hell can be
Then I will spit you out you son of a bitch
Because everything I need to say
It's up to me

So you told my mother
My poor unfortunate mother cried
So she heard the news
And now shes scared to draw the line
Well I am not ashamed
I will not try to hide the truth
Wether in 5 years from now
My truth is still the same.
So you told my father
Hes aware of all the stereotyped
He knows exactly what its like to be afraid
And now hes on to me.
Who is there left to tell?
If I'm unaware I'm positive now
Because what you say is so
Who is there left to know?
Besides the fact I'm still unsure
What you say is sure
I must be sold.
Whats a question but a comment
Thats always searching reason
What's a burden but a poison
I am choosing to drink my own mix
Fill my cup with your bull shit
If I drink, I drink
If I die, I die
If I live you loose and I've arived.
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