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venusenvious's Journal

Venus Envious Projekt
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This community was created so girls can interact in a creative way. Artwork can and will be displayed every month on Info page. Post Poetry, a Rant, a Welcome, DIY tips, or whatever you feel like. Also this will be home for the Lesbian/Bisexual event calendar for NYC area. If you live in the New York (even if you don't) area please feel free to make announcements of interest. Let's see what this develops into.

I. Finish Venus Envious Quiz, to find help with website (help is needed!).
II. If any one is interested in having their artwork (any form) shown here please email us. Also if any interests/ideas should be added please inform us.
We are creating a new magazine for Urban Queer Females (lesbian, bi, questioning, transgendered m-f, f-m, and everything in between) we need submissions of artwork (visual arts, comics, graphics), poetry, prose, articles, essays, personal essays, anything your pissed off about, anything you like, DIY tips, reviews of books, music, and events, bands ect. promotion of any kind, I think you got the point by now.
Currently the magazine will be in paper form, hopefully in the future, on the net. If your piece is selected for the zine we will send you a copy.
Please help us make this into something. Doesn't matter where you come from, we want to hear your voice so please submit anything you can. Any ideas need for articles, questions, problems or submissions please contact. queergirls@seductive.com