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October fest

Hey i am a newbie lesbian from Berkeley California but i just moved to a small town in onterio. Joined the community today and i wrote this prose type thing.

yeah so my town is pretty german and they have october fest every year. Since i'm taking german i got to go with my class to a celebration thing that was being put on for the highschool. Nifty people from as far away as london came wierd(london onterio) We ate german food and danced..i didn't get to meet any of the nifty people though. I saw this one girl she looked so familar i'm still not sure what it is about her but then i asked if i knew her from somewhere. She told me probably not and that she was from cambridge i realized that there was something about the way she spoke and the way she carried herself that was so similar to Laura.Laura is my ex. I miss her... Yeah i know that is sad we were barely anything . I haven't even written to her or even talked to her since the last night of csssa. when everything went wrong and i didn't say goodbye to about half of the people i wanted to say goodbye to in the morning ...i miss rolling down hills yeah and all you nifty people. my memory wont let me forget you maybe i will write it down on paper. nina and i played in the leaves yes the have seasons in canada other than sun rain and fog.
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