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Hey folks,
THIS FRIDAY at 6:30pm we will be meeting at the LGBT CENTER for FIERCE Friday.

Snacks will be provided and it will be a chilled session to hang out and discuss with friends and new people about what’s going around us as young queer people of color living in the metro area. Bring your friends. And if you have ANY questions, concerns, suggestions, cant make it, I am you personal wench in the struggle feel free to hit me up.

Also Fierce Friday folks will get a SPECIAL OFFER on our wonderful Fierce T-shirts.

6:30PM if you want snacks
LGBT Center room 212
208 w. 13th street (btw 7th & 8th AVE)
Trains: 1/9/A/C/E/F/V and Path station to 14TH street.

Heather 646.336.6789 x 102 CALL ME GOD DAMN IT!


Also FIERCE has a message board on LiveJournal if you are already signed on add yourself and getta to posting.
If you are not you can still leave a comments by clicking "post a new comment"
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